Wheel Alignment

What Does an Alignment Do?

A wheel alignment commonly known as a tire alignment restores the factory settings of three angles in your vehicle’s suspension (Chamber Angle, Caster Angle, Toe Angle). This ensures that all wheels are pointed in the same direction and maintains optical contact with the road. Maximizing your investment by eliminating uneven wear on your tires.

The most common signs of bad wheel alignment are: 

  • The vehicle pulls to one side
  • The steering wheel does not return to center
  • The steering wheel is off-center
  • Excessive tire wear in certain spots
  • Vibrating in the car or steering wheel
  • Loose steering
  •  Tire noise

Wheels and tires can be knocked out of alignment by a variety of factors, such as normal wear and tear, bumping into curbs, potholes, low tire pressure or over inflation. Other factors could include damaged suspension components.

How Long Does an Alignment Take? And How Often Should You Get One?

Alignments are recommended when you replace your tires or every one to two years. Typically, this takes approximately an hour to complete. However, replacing any damaged components will require extra time. Schedule your wheel alignment today!

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