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We offer oil change services that are an effective way of protecting your car’s engine and extending its life. Regular oil changes keep your engine at peak performance by preventing problems caused by dirty engine oil. Also, it improves your car's gas mileage and extends the life of your engine.

Always keep oil levels where they should be to avoid engine damage from low oil levels. We always make sure you car has the amount of oil recommended by your manufacturer to keep it operating at its best.

If you are looking for a conventional, synthetic blend or full synthetic oil change, walk in or call us at 484-241-3211 to schedule your next oil change.

Oil Change Frequency

Oil changes are done in intervals on all cars. The frequency of oil change varies based on your driving conditions, the age of the car and what oil is used.

Not all cars are created equal and not all oils are good for all cars. Each car has its own oil specifications set by the manufacturer to make sure your car is lubed and performs at its best.

Conventional Oil

Typically, the best option for low-mileage drivers. It provides great performance to late-model vehicles that are driven under mild conditions. Also, it gives the shortest interval between oil changes.

Synthetic Blend Oil

Synthetic blend is a mix of conventional and full synthetic grade oil. This is a good choice for cars with heavier workloads and/or frequently driven at higher speeds. It gives more miles than conventional oil but less miles than full synthetic oil.

Full Synthetic Oil

This is the best oil you can put in your car, it contains extra additives that maximize fuel economy and minimizes friction that support engine performance. Most newer cars manufacturers recommend full synthetic for maximum performance.


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